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Aggregate Testing

Fine Aggregate Specific Gravity (31)

Welcome to the Fine Aggregate Specific Gravity course. This course describes the specific gravity test method used for fine aggregates. This includes a discussion on the origins of the test, a description of the standard test method, and an examination of typical results. Aggregate specific gravity is used in key mix design and volumetric calculations.
  • Overview
  • Background
  • Test Uses
  • Specific Gravity Uses
  • Superpave Mix Design
  • Material Contamination Indicator and Separator
  • Material Change Indicator
  • Aggregate Absorption Use
  • Aggregate Specific Gravity Types
  • Relationship with Other Specific Gravities
  • SUmmary and Approximate Test Time
  • Summary
  • Approximate Test Time
  • Basic Procedure
  • Results
  • Parameters Measured
  • Specifications
  • Typical Values
  • Calculations
  • (Quiz) Fine Aggregate Specific Gravity
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever